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Take a little break these days in December and re-center yourself with these devotions from the Sunday| Mag contributors.

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. (Colossians 3:14)

Last Sunday after church, my 10-year-old son told me I was pitchy during worship. At first I was dismissive. Surely he didn’t know what he was talking about. I?m not sure where he came up with such a thing. Initially I thought that my little dude had been watching too much of ?The Voice? this season. After asking him some clarifying questions, I became defensive. Come on?pitchy?! Me? I thought of every excuse: I got some new in-ear molds. We were just coming back after a 6-week sabbatical. We added a new guitar player. This Sunday we introduced a new worship leader who led with me. Those excuses had to be the reasons?it couldn?t be me!

At a?gut level, what my son said was honest. It was bold. What he said was actually loving, even though I wasn?t feeling it.

The driving force of truth is love. As followers of Jesus, we are supposed to be marked by love?known by love. So we should be known by our honesty and truth-telling. Love is the all-encompassing characteristic of Christ and his disciples. Here in Colossians, Paul says that love ties us together in perfect harmony. Harmony is sound perfected. Unity at its extreme. Unity that is pleasing to our ears. Everyone’s singing is so perfectly in tune, and in tune with one another that it?s satisfying.

Who hears the sound? Whose enjoyment is the sound for? God. The world. The church. The lost.

Why? Harmony is distinguishable above the all-too-common clashing dissonance of lies and untruth. Perfect harmony is a product of God?s grace and love.[quote]Perfect harmony is a product of God?s grace and love.[/quote]

Be humble. Be gentle. Be patient. Tolerate one another in an atmosphere thick with love. Make every effort to preserve the unity the Spirit has already created, with peace binding you together. – Ephesians 4:2-3 (The Voice)?

In your ministry, where are you in disagreement? In discord? What issues bring division?

Remember that your ultimate calling is to be in unity?with other believers. Harmony is where God gets the greatest glory. It is our highest call and most effective position. Identify people in your life that are honest with you and thank them. Empower them, and go and do the same for others. The last thing the world needs is another defensive, pitchy Christian singing to their own tuning fork. Instead, join in with the sound of believers all across the world pointing to the God who became man and died so that we might live.



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