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Check this out, guys ? it’s our first all-video edition of The Week’s Best! Inspiration abounds today, so let’s jump in:

“Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold” by the Lone Bellow ??This is a great song, and I really enjoyed the new music video. Even better, the filmmaker behind the video ? Ryan Booth ? shared the story of how it all came together here.

Cleveland Cavaliers PreGame Court Projection ??Clearly somebody in Cleveland has figured out this projection thing. The Cavaliers are terrible when it comes to actual basketballing, but their court looked amazing for a few minutes!

Wes Anderson // Centered ??I love Wes Anderson and symmetry, and you should too:

Android Wear ? This week?Google unveiled Android Wear, a smartwatch OS (via Dezeen). Not included in the video, of course, are the myriad of issues that seem to accompany Android devices. Wait, did I type that out loud? Just take a look:

The History of CCM ? You’ve got to hand it to the creative team behind Seeds because they do amazing work!?At this year’s Seeds Conference, they treated the crowd to a romping medley classic CCM tunes, and a good time was had by all. And heck, if you missed last year’s History of Worship?from the Seeds team, watch that too.

Smitty was right: A lifetime’s not too long to live as friends. See you next week!

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