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Wow, what a wild week. Kinda feels like it was dominated by the World Vision controversy, right? In case you missed it, we offered our angle on all that Wednesday. Amid all the craziness, we still had to keep tabs on the best stuff on the Internet this week. We’ve got videos, books, blogs, and an e-course ? here are our picks:

Granger Community Church on other churches ??Something like this?shouldn’t?be noteworthy, but it is. In the midst of so much division, this kind of public commitment to unity is refreshing:

The Modern Marketing Workshop by Seth Godin ??This isn’t brand new this week, but it was new to me. The great Seth Godin has put together a SkillShare workshop, and at just $19 I figured it was worth a shot. And if you don’t like Seth Godin, well, it’s possible that we can still be friends. I guess.

Check out The Modern Marketing Workshop ?

Church Marketing Sucks is launching a podcast ??The friendly team at Church Marketing Sucks has a brand new podcast on the way, and my buddies Dave Shrein and Phil Bowdle put together a sneak peek episode to whet your whistle. Click, download, and listen!

Get the sneak peek episode ?

Christianity Today reviews?Noah ??Alissa Wilkinson writes great reviews for CT, and she says Darren Aronofsky’s?Noah?“is worth your time and your ticket price.” Maybe, just maybe, if CT says we should go see the movie, then we can all relax about it. Maybe. Anyway, see what Wilkinson has to say …

Read the review ?

Two notable books out next week ??If you spend any time on social media, you probably know Carlos Whittaker and Jonathan Merritt. They’re both great guys who publish inspiring and challenging words on the regular, and they’re both releasing new books on Tuesday, April 1. Don’t miss ’em!

Pre-order?Moment Maker?by Carlos Whittaker ?

Pre-order?Jesus is Better Than You Imagined?by Jonathan Merritt ?

Father and Son Collaborate On Short, Awesome Videos ??How great is the video below? I love it. Start there, and then watch a bunch more over at 22 Words.

If that doesn’t get your weekend started on the right foot, I don’t know what will. See you next week.



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