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This week was a week of new stuff, and who doesn’t like new stuff? Of everything I came across online this week, here are my favorites:

Books, Books, Books ??As I teased last week, we were presented with new reading material this week:?Jesus is Better Than You Imagined?by Jonathan Merritt,?Moment Maker by Carlos Whittaker, and?Found?by Micha Boyett. Clear some space on your nightstand, people.

Create Stunning Images for Your Church ??If you don’t know Camron Ware and the great team at Shift Worship, you’re missing out. This week they dropped a new iOS app called Shift Media Creator, and you have to check it out. No, really, you have to.

Stories That Inspire … ??My friend Matt Chambers is one of the co-founders of a brand new site, The vision for the site is a hub that serves up both inspiring stories?and?opportunities to get involved/change the world. There’s enough bad news, cynicism, and complaining out there on the Internets, so I’m grateful for the breath of fresh air that this new venture represents.

Help Your Team Grow ??I’ve always loved the way shares so much with the worldwide church. Recently, they unveiled another gift to the rest of us: It’s a platform designed to help churches develop their employees with more intentionality, efficiency, and effectiveness than ever before. Of course, it’s free, and that’s what I call Oops, I mean generous.

For the Ones Who Stay ??It’s hard out there for an evangelical. Things have been crazy, and some people are packing up and moving on. Sarah Bessey had some kind words for them, but she also wrote a kind and moving post for the ones who’re staying put. Read it. I hope you’ll appreciate it like I did.

Slam Poetry / Spoken Word ??If you’d like to end your week with a little nostalgic frivolity and perhaps one last note of inspiration, I present to you Samuel L. Jackson with the story of “Boy Meets World” and Propaganda asking, “Was it all worth it?”

Have a great weekend, friends.

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