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It?s Friday and I?m back with another rundown of some of the week?s best stuff. See for yourself:

Shauna Niequist?s Moving Tribute to Willow Creek ? It?s not hard to find an online critique of the church these days. Just open the Twitter app, scroll at random, and click the first link you see ??odds are it?s a blogger taking issue the institutional church, a celebrity pastor, or Christians in general. That?s why this post ? ?She?s Not a Megachurch. She?s My Sister? ??by Shauna Niequist affected me so deeply. Shauna?s a great writer (I knew that before this week) and she captured a huge part of why I do what I do.

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Beyond the To-Do List Podcast ? Hosted by the great Erik Fisher, Beyond the To-Do List is a podcast dedicated to ?personal productivity perspectives.? Don?t miss great guests like Donald Miller, Jon Acuff, Merlin Mann, Todd Henry, Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, and so many more. Let them pass along their insights on how to work smarter.

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Rock RMS ??Imagine this: a new church management system that?s both free and open, AND it?s built by churches for churches. Not only is that not a dream, it has a name ? Rock RMS ??and it?s in beta. The big-picture view of current features includes person/family management, group management, contributions, check-in, reporting, and a content management system. Oh, and more features are planned for future releases. Test drive the beta now and keep a close eye on where Rock RMS goes from here.

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Untucked ? This is the latest release in Grantland?s 30 for 30 Shorts series, and it?s fascinating. Untucked is a 15-minute documentary directed by Danny Pudi (Abed on NBC?s Community) about the unique uniforms worn by Marquette University?s 1977 national championship basketball team, but really the story goes deeper than that. It?s a story about leadership, teamwork, style, and the creative spirit. In other words, you need not be a sports fan to enjoy the show.


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Those are some of the week?s best, at least according to my discerning tastes. If there?s something you?d like to see in a future edition of The Week?s Best, let me know! In the meantime, keep an eye on the Sunday| blog for the next edition of The Week?s Best.



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