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My friend Tim Schraeder tweeted?yesterday that he is working with The Grid to “help robots build websites.” What does he mean by that? This:

As you can see, The Grid is a whole new way to publish content on the web: “AI websites that design themselves.”?There are a lot of platforms that help developers and civilians alike publish on the web ? WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, SquareSpace, etc. ? but what makes The Grid so interesting is the words used in its pitch: “artificial intelligence,” “automatically,” “custom,” “evolves,” “adapting,” and “magically.”

The Grid seems more like a partner than a platform, doesn’t it? Interesting.

If you want in, you can pre-order The Grid for $96/year, and the site says v1 will release “late Spring 2015.” In other words, I can’t wait to use my Apple Watch to update my Grid site.

Who wants in?



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5 replies on “A Whole New Way To Publish Content On The Web”

Intiguing, but sounds too good to be true.
I just know ther are some templates back there, behind the curtain…

I know what you mean. I’m very interested to get in there and see the ways in which The Grid is very familiar and the ways in which it’s completely unlike any other platform.

I saw Tim tweet it and checked it out. Looks awesome! Bad news is that Adblock breaks the content and some people I’ve showed it to are skeptical because of that hiccup.

Oooh. That sounds like a definite potential problem. I also worry how quickly web APIs change and stuff like that. It’s almost impossible to keep up to date with the constantly shifting nature of the web. Still excited to try it out. 😛

I first saw this the other day and spent a good hour drooling over it. I wish I could play with it now, since I’m in the middle of a web redesign for my church. Curious to see what it would do with it.

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