My friend Tim Schraeder tweeted yesterday that he is working with The Grid to “help robots build websites.” What does he mean by that? This:

As you can see, The Grid is a whole new way to publish content on the web: “AI websites that design themselves.” There are a lot of platforms that help developers and civilians alike publish on the web — WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, SquareSpace, etc. — but what makes The Grid so interesting is the words used in its pitch: “artificial intelligence,” “automatically,” “custom,” “evolves,” “adapting,” and “magically.”

The Grid seems more like a partner than a platform, doesn’t it? Interesting.

If you want in, you can pre-order The Grid for $96/year, and the site says v1 will release “late Spring 2015.” In other words, I can’t wait to use my Apple Watch to update my Grid site.

Who wants in?