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Fellowship Creative – Always Been About You

Fellowship Church has long been hailed as one of the most creative churches in the country, with their annual C3 Conference being one of the top go-to resources for church leaders. Always Been About You is definitely an interesting worship album. It has a mix of familiar sounds that churches would be comfortable using during their worship sets as well as catchy, non-congregational worship songs.

My favorite track on the album, ?Future Back?, is one of the most unique worship songs I?ve heard. With a poppy, lively beat, this song is sure to brighten your spirits. It probably wouldn?t work too well in a congregational worship setting, but there are many other great songs on this album you?ll want check out.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

?God of the Rescue? ? An excellent worship song that focuses on God?s deliverance.
?Rooftops? ? A high-energy, catchy track. It would make a perfect opener for your Easter services.


Elevation Worship – Nothing Is Wasted

I?ve always been a big fan of Elevation Worship, and I think Nothing Is Wasted is their most solid release yet. It sports a double album with live and studio versions of each track.

This double album gives you the energetic atmosphere from a live worship setting but also the creativity of a studio production. In addition, I really appreciate that they didn?t just make live versions of their studio songs and vice versa. Each version of the song has its own personality and some don?t even sound like each other.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

?Be Lifted High? ? With a catchy chorus, powerful lyrics, and driving melody, this song is a no-brainer for a great worship set opener or closer.
?Open Up Our Eyes” ? A powerful declaration of who God is, this song is sure to be a hit with your congregation.
?Greater? ? My favorite track on Nothing is Wasted. This song really hits home on the greatness of God and will move your congregation into a time of deeper worship.


Daniel Bashta – The Invisible

I?m a big fan of Daniel Bashta. I love pointing out to people that the Newsboys (lions don?t whisper), Kristian Stanfill, and David Crowder weren?t the ones who wrote ?Like a Lion?.

I highly recommend The Invisible, but not because there are a lot of great congregational songs here. If you lead worship, you need this album personally. You need this album for you. Worshipping God through these songs will breathe new life into the way you view your ministry, congregation, and community.


Hillsong United – Zion

With the release of Aftermath, Hillsong United took a drastic change in style. While still preserving congregational singability, Hillsong United has added an immense amount of creativity to their songs. Zion is no exception. I?ve been somewhat disappointed with Hillsong Live?s albums as of late, but Hillsong United continues to surprise me with their willingness and ability to try different things.

United isn?t putting out U2 rip-off songs anymore. These songs are infused with creativity and passion.

My only disappointment with Zion is that most of the songs are very down tempo. So you probably won?t find that next killer worship opener here.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

?Relentless? ? There are some songs that, when you hear them, you know churches are going to immediately latch onto. That?s this song.
?Scandal of Grace” ? I love using words like ?scandal? in the titles of worship songs. It makes them seem much more…scandalous. This is a great song for Good Friday or Easter.
?A Million Suns? ? This makes for a great sandwich song (a term I just made up for a worship song you put somewhere in the middle of a worship set).

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