An online magazine for pastors and church leaders. Christmas Spectacular was a hybrid between a church service and a Christmas variety show. So they tried to keep a mixture of fun elements but also allow time for folks to engage in worship. This meant a shorter message, some unique varieties of music, and some narrative videos to help bring people through an experiential arc.

Check out the service run-sheet below. The musical elements are bolded.

Kids Advent Story Opener ? Length: 1:30
– Live band played gently underneath
O Come Let Us Adore Him ? Length: 5:34
Video Welcome ? Length: 1:15
Rockin? Around the Christmas Tree ? Length: 3:10
Nutcracker Suite (Traditional to Dubstep) ? Length: 4:30
Prayer for Offering ? Length: 1:00
Video Transition ? Length: 1:05
Narrative with String Bed ? Length: 1:30
Wexford Carol ? Length: 3:45
Message ? Length: 20:00
O Holy Night ? Length: 5:45
O Come All Ye Faithful ? Length: 4:58
Joy to the World ? 4:28
Transition ? Length: 1:00
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (Post-Experience) ??Length: 1:30

Total runtime: ~ 1 hour

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